Introducing: The Suikoden Revival Movement

We love our communities, and often find ourselves overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, passion and creativity shown off by fans of our many game series.

One such group is the increasingly popular Suikoden Revival Movement that forms a base which fans of the classic Suikoden RPG games can discuss the past, present and future of the series whilst also showing off some truly epic fan-art and cosplay. The main aim of the movement however is to bring Suikoden back into the consciousness of the wider gaming community so that a wider audience can celebrate the game.

Although the last Suikoden game was released in the UK way back in 2006, the group still strives to achieve their goal posting regular articles and holding frequent competitons for members to engage with.  As such, we decided to give them the floor to explain why Suikoden is so close to their hearts, why it stands out among other games and why it should be offered to a much wider audience. Below is how they responded.



“At the Suikoden Revival Movement, often the first question we are asked is: “why Suikoden?” implying that out of all the classic RPGs that could be revived, why select Suikoden and only Suikoden as our focus? To answer that question requires length, as we love this series so much that the answers are often fumbled and rambling, as if we were asked to explain why we love our own dog. Moreover, like all great games, Suikoden has many things about it that are deeply personal, and we alone could never know what scene or character touched the hearts of every fan of the series, nor could we ever know what Suikoden means to every member of our movement.

To put it plainly: the Suikoden series are not just great games, but a great Konami games. Konami has made a good habit of releasing titles that work to innovate the genres that they fall into. As far back as the original Metal Gear and Castlevania titles, Konami has always produced games that were more artful, more thoughtful. Metal Gear Solid took the military action genre and stood it on its head, telling not just an emotional and compelling story, but innovating the game play by forcing the player to rely on stealth tactics and their own intelligence. Silent Hill did much the same, as it walked back the metaphors common in many horror games, reminding us that our true fears are our own inner demons.

Suikoden was released almost two full years before MGS, and did that exact thing: it created much more than was there before it. On the surface –and indeed, in the early portion of the game– the story and game play seem to be a re-hashing of a standard fantasy setting, but over time, becomes so much more than that. The characters are a collection of brilliant minds and dubious motivations, that range from the outwardly noble, to the openly greedy, from idealists to realists. We are shown a picture of a corrupt monarchy, that in the end, is the sorrowful result of one man’s dream of creating a better kingdom. Subtly, the game asks questions to the player: Is military power necessary to create positive social change? If so, how do you balance power with the corruption and decadency that power often brings? And the player is left to decide for themselves what the answers to these questions are. In Suikoden, there are no evil plans to destroy the world, no arch-enemies of peace and justice lusting to remake the world in their own image. Just difficult questions and difficult choices. In the end, despite the fantasy setting, I have never played a game that is so simply human.

So, we have established that Suikoden is in line with many of the great Konami games of its era, but there is more to it than just that. I am reminded of the words of the great filmmaker, Terrence Malick: “always respect the audience.” The Suikoden games undeniably respect their audience, and they treat the player like an intelligent human being.

Which brings me to the question I wish I was asked more often. Not just “why Suikoden?” but also “why now?” Why is it so vital that people play these games? The answer to that question is –again– difficult, but it illustrates some of the problems of the wider games industry. To put it bluntly, the games acts as something of a counterpoint to not just the genre of the RPG, but to many modern games.

Often in games, we are given a single hero upon which we focus, and the supporting characters, the storyline, the setting, the music, and the numerous other elements that comprise a game fade into the background. We focus on one single hero that is central to everything, forgetting the passions, philosophies, and ideas of people that are not the character we are invited to project ourselves onto. Often, the fates of the game’s world are left to whim of the player, to be remade entirely in the image of the hero.

In Suikoden, this idea of unity is one of the main narratives that runs throughout the series. In the original Water Margin novel -upon which the games are loosely based- the theme of unity is prevalent, too. In fact, some of the English translations of the novel go by the title: All men are Brothers, and while I cannot agree with arbitrarily changing the name of the book like that, it does illustrate how important that moral narrative is to the core of the novel. All too often, the heroes found in games are simply cynical products of the circumstances that generate them, rather than people actively trying to change the world around them for the better. Suikoden shows us that while the answers to the questions it poses are difficult, the questions can be addressed through unity and cooperation.

The basic difference in design philosophy between Suikoden and many modern games can be simplified to this: modern games encourage the player to indulge, and Suikoden encourages the player to think. While there is nothing inherently wrong with indulging in a game, Suikoden chooses to instead challenge its own players, not just in terms of game play, but in terms of the game’s theme and narrative as well. The games respect their audience first and foremost, and that is reason enough to continue to play and love this series.”



You can join the Suikoden Revival Movement or find out more about them on their Facebook page here. If you are part of a thriving Konami community and would like the opportunity to tell our readers why your cherished game means so much to you then let us know in the comments section and we’ll get back to you. 

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    1. Vic tor - Reply

      for me, i enjoy a lot of the games of the 3 kingdoms but i always find my way back to suikoden 2 before any others. why? in what other game cam you have cook offs, hunt recipes and ingredients, build your own castle, and interact with a army instead of just swing a weapon? Also you have climbing cliffs, hidden rooms, 108 playable chars either main or support, as well as sculpt the symbol of your unity.

  1. Tira - Reply

    I love the games as whole. I like the plots, characters, sub-plots and the fact that all parts take place in one universum with detailed history and tradition.
    I hope I’ll live soon to play Suikoden VI! :D

  2. Fredrik - Reply

    What I like the most about the Suikoden games are the stories with it’s relatively complex political civil war drama filled emotional scenes and friendship, the many interesting characters that all have something to say, the brilliant game soundtrack and to be able to see the changes you make to the game world and the evolution of your base.

    Lots of things that for the most part blended together wonderfully. Suikoden 1, 2 and 5 are masterpieces, among the best games ever made.

    The story in Suikoden Tierkreis for Nintendo DS in 2009 was kinda poor, though. Not only did the story take place in another dimension and not the same game world as the previous games (so the previous game lore was thrown out of the window and ignored), it was also about how everything isn’t predestined and that we all have choices, yet at the same time the game was very linear and didn’t really offer any choices at all. Rather ironic.

    In any case, I would *LOVE* to see Suikoden 1-5 + Tactics re-released on the European PlayStation®Store as they are all PS1/PS2 games. Please please plase, make it happen as there are already many other Konami games there like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (which is really awesome too).

  3. Chris - Reply

    I’d have to say it’s the story first that makes Suikoden stand out from the rest. Heart-wrenching, passionate, human, something about it always strikes a chord with me.

    Hopefully Suikoden VI will strike the same chord.

  4. Kevin Friend - Reply

    Another great feature Suikoden has is the 108 stars, it’s incredible- a true achievement of caring for the audience for each game to develop the sprites/ character models for all of them; not to mention enemies as well. I can only imagine how much work that escalated to towards the later games, but the mere fact that you can change your party to have around 80 different members is wonderful! Even if you don’t use them you can find them around the base and talk to them and learn about them and the world as they see it.
    Also, the minigames; I maintain minigames are what made past RPGs so great- from Final Fantasy 7 to Suikoden 2- people loved the minigames. And early Suikoden was full of them, to the fans incredible delight.

  5. Nikisaur - Reply

    Suikoden is not just a great Konami RPG, but Suikoden 2 is commonly listed in the ‘Best of’ lists of the entire RPG genre. It goes for ridiculous prices second hand, and so we’ve now got a new generation of gamers who have literally no way to obtain a copy. In this age of digital distribution such as Playstation Network… I can’t understand it! I’m sure people would buy one of the best RPGs, from the best age of RPGs…Konami you need to get onto this!
    I think this post touched on something very important with the ‘human story’, it’s not about saving the word from a big bad guy, but about uniting and creating a community with a common goal. I think if there was an answer to your question to the SRM “why Suikoden?”, that would be it. Every title enriches the world, but also leaves it with so much to give. There’s more left in this great series, I know it. Suikoden VI would be amazing, it would make me SO happy…

  6. Willy - Reply

    Why Suikoden?
    Well for me, it’s an exciting game especially the Suikoden 2 which I think is the best of all. The story encourage me to play it again and again without losing excitement of this game. bring the ambiance of the game right into my sense and feeling deeply. It was a brilliant story with surprising moment along the game. The gameplay of the Suikoden series was unique and challenging and I love it! I started to play it when i was just a kid, until now I usually play it again to bring back the sweet memory of my childhood with this game. The game teach me about friendship, love, loyalty, persistent and many more. It will be great if I can feel the ambiance again in a new Suikoden. So please Konami, bring Suikoden back to it’s fans. bring the glorious time back to Suikoden :)

  7. Billy - Reply

    Excellent write-up! I really enjoy participating in the Suikoden Revival Movement. It’s definitely nice when you know that you’re not alone in your quest for more Suikoden. There are very few things that would excite me like hearing about a new (console) Suikoden game.

  8. Denitsa Petkova - Reply

    Thank you so much for this article!
    A decade ago and I still play Suikoden 2 when I feel I need a doze of old school RPG feel! I think it shows how real gems don’t get damaged by time. All the Suikodens are fantastic. It’s hard to describe the hype I was getting every time a new game of the series was released. What will it add to the world? Will we meet old characters grown up or younger ones? Where in the time line will it take place? I miss that feeling and I still hope I will experience it again when one day, one fine day, we hear real official news about Suikoden 6. : )
    We all still hope!
    But in the mean time, support like this and giving us thumbs up means a lot.
    Thank you, again!

  9. Matheus - Reply

    Well, the story in suikoden is great.

    The games of today focus too much on the visual, game studios forgot that a game is just like a book: in the end, people really don’t care about how the pages look like.

    Maybe that is why there is a Suikoden revival movement: the longing to read-play a great story, with deep characters, and that make you question yourself, because it talked about a fundamental question of our time.

    And don’t forget about the war battles. It’s another fun and interesting part of the game.

  10. Colin McKesson - Reply

    What I love about any games are the characters. And Suikoden has such a huge roster of unique characters with fantastic backgrounds, personalities and quirks that it’s a no-brainer why it is my favorite game series of all time. I make it a habit to play each and every Suikoden game at my disposal(Suikoden I-V+Tactics) on a yearly basis. It’s a tale that never grows old.

  11. Isaac - Reply

    I am hard pressed to find a game as good as Suikoden 1&2!

    I’m taking a Game Development program in college now, and I can only dream of making something that epic!

  12. ica - Reply

    first of all, thank you for this article! :) it means a lot to me and I’m sure it means a lot to all of Suikoden fans out there as well.

    I’d love to describe how much I love Suikoden but unfortunately I can’t because I suck -_- but I can assure you that I love this series wholeheartedly and I don’t want to live in a world without any new Suikoden series like srsly it’s too painful ok

    so please u guise, Suikoden must be revived ;___;

  13. Toremneon - Reply

    As fans we are so happy to see that at least on part of Konami still knows and respects the Suikoden. For its like i have been grown up with the series. It had it´s ups and downs but everytime that i am really upset I take Suikoden 1 and take walk through Gregminister. The music, the birds, the fountain, the characters, the piece of peace that lies in the start of this game will always make me feel home. I incourages me, to see what the characters in the game are up to face and how they bear their cross, to have the strength to take on my own!

    So releasing suikoden 3 in europe or even doing a new Suikoden entry in the major series would give us fans much more that a nice RPG. It would give us back that feeling! The Suikoden feeling!

  14. MACKEYBOY - Reply

    Suikoden, to me, epitomizes a complete game. It has a rich storyline, engaging dialogue, exciting gameplay and breathtaking music. Suikoden 2 in particular is very special to me because it taught me how valuable friendship is and to nurture relationships with the people around you.

    Thank you Konami UK for recognizing our efforts!

  15. Luca - Reply

    that’s one of the most beautiful games I ever played…the first time i played suikoden I was 16, it was Suikoden 2, my first great love for videogames. Since then i followed the series on all chapters and loved each one. The best plot I ever seen: the best gameplay,controlling not only the hero, but also your team and most of all your ARMY!!! NEVER seen another game where you control an entire ARMY in a JRPG or a RPG! With your own castle! I mean…it’s really too great to be real! I miss it, I really miss the plot, the main plot, I miss this game and I hope Konami will understand how much people are interested…no sorry…how much people truly LOVE this game.
    I love it.

  16. Chakii - Reply

    Suikoden 2 was my favourite Role Playing Game on the PS. And no game have a chance to change this. No extreme graph powered Final Fantasy of the current gen, even no FF7 with such a great story.
    There are 108 lovely designed chars in the game, i mean in the whole Suikoden world, and every one have a story. I wan´t it to be real, to be in the story, together with my favourite mates. Specially the story in the infamous Suikoden2, blow up my mind.

    Sorry for my real bad english, but Konami you make me to write this. So thank you for this great Masterpiece of my own gaming History. Thank you for the good and the bad times i have with this game ( emotional ). And hey, maybe you want to reanimate this great series some time. Then i´ll be one of the first, who buy this great game. Thank you.

  17. KingOfSindar - Reply

    I love the war battles, random battles, bosses and 1 on 1 battles. secrets of sindar, the 27 True Runes, and of course every True Ending.

  18. Lucreto - Reply

    Suikoden is my favourite series of all time. It delivers the best story, great characters (My favourite is Neclord) and excellent music. (I paid an arm and a leg for the soundtrack)

    I have played all of them that appeared in the European region. (ie not Suikoden 3, I still hold a grudge over it.)

    I have to thank Konami Europe for giving a platform for the movement and recognising there are people who still love Suikoden and hope for a Suikoden VI sometime in the future. Every time TGS rolls around I hope against hope there will a Suikoden announcement and always feel sad when there is nothing and hope next year will be different.

    Suikoden II was the best in the series followed by Suikoden V. I must have played Suikoden II at least 10 to 12 times since it was released buy now I don’t have a PS1 or PS2 to play it on it sits on a shelf and I look at the box now and then.

    Please Konami get Suikoden and Suikoden II up on the European PlayStation Store so I can play these games again.

  19. Jeremy Elliott - Reply

    I am 33 yrs old and since its release I have played through this series more than 30 times. Lost countthrough the years. If there was a suikoden title on it I bought it. I remember paying $87 for S1 and about $175 for 2. I will forever be a Konami fan because of this series so thank you Konami for making my childhood worth living and even now.

  20. Holdani R. - Reply

    Suikoden series story is great.
    We need more Suikodens.
    I love Suikoden II and Suikoden V, of course other Suikoden as well. And I agree with Matheus, the War battle is fun and interesting part of the game.

  21. Max - Reply

    Why Suikoden?

    This is one of my favourite series of all time. The characters are memorable and beloved. I can’t wait to see if repeat characters make games and how they develop. S1 and S2 linking with such close timelines and several repeat characters gave both games such great replay values. Moving into S3 (The best in my opinion) was a great move as well and seeing familiar faces all grown up there was also a treat. The soundtracks have been unreal as well and deserving of recognition. The war systems have been so addictive I wish there was a flash game I could repeat them on online. The mythology of the 27 True Runes and the missing ones we haven’t seen leave us all wanting more. Don’t leave the fans without at least 2 more games. We need to see what happens in Harmonia and how all of the True Rune holders contribute and end up.

  22. Jason Taylor - Reply

    I love the Suikoden series and have gotten them all over time and replay at least one a year. Ultimately I know it comes down the financial feasibility of releasing any new games. I feel like newer releases would sell better as the younger generattion that grew up playing them (such as myself) never could afford them when they first came out. Now as an adult in the professional world, I have more money (less time however, lol) to throw around on my hobbies. I would preorder Suikoden 6 (especially a collector’s edition) in a heartbeat nowadays. Likely two copies with one being for my collection and another to play. Ultimately, I feel a numbered entry would sell incredibly well.

  23. Heather Carpenter - Reply

    I love seeing coverage of Suikoden!

    Sorry, fangirl moment.
    But seriously, not only is the Suikoden Revival Movement doing some amazing things by representing the fans and such, but they have brought us all together! On Suikoden day I felt like I was a part of this humongous Suikoden family and that I could talk to everyone and anyone on that page about anything and it was like we all knew each other for years! Being a part of this movement is probably one of my proudest achievements in life… just to be a part of something so awesome… its indescribable. :)

    Thanks Konami UK for your continuous and unwavering support of the SRM. You were there for Suikoden Day and you’re still there looking out for us today.

  24. ¥Gojira¥ - Reply

    Hi!! I felt in love of Suikoden Saga when i play Suikoden II, around 1995… Then i found Suikoden I and started again… I never played Suikoden on PS2 but I want to. I hope some day, Konami sales each Suikoden on PSN or another digital store; near to Y2K i found Suikogaiden and other merchandising of Suikoden Saga… Of course, in Japanese but in my dreams, i like to play all games for different consoles and handhelds.

    Sorry about my english… I live in Latin America, Hispanic Mother Language =)

  25. Hildi Muhammad - Reply

    Suikoden 2, eventhough i played all over again, i’am never bored. For me, the story and the characters have a special aura that cant take my eyes from play it again. The 108 characters that unique individually but have deeper stories every of them, thats what i really love. And the challenging aspect is how every character have different way to recruit it, and sometimes it really trick me, like Gentatsu, im laughing when i reminiscence it.

  26. Michael - Reply

    Suikoden in it’s complete package is really just perfect.

    The gameplay is superb.
    I love that way of gaming, turnbased and the little wars like Suikoden did and I miss it a lot, that way of gaming was perfect for me.
    A lot of gameplay these days most games do I do not like, all that weird combo stuff and quick pressing of buttons, meh.
    So again, Suikoden gameplay was very pleasant, enjoyable, and fun.

    The characters! So much depth to them and pretty much all of em though especially the lead characters, you really felt as if you were there and you actually wished you could be one of them or their friend.
    I still wish the world of Suikoden really existed and that I could somehow go and stay there, have a true rune, (become about their age again too) and have eternal youth and really just enjoy the company of these wonderful people.

    The world and environments, absolutely awesome. One more reason I want to go to the world of Suikoden if it existed.
    I’d be enjoying it a lot, exploring, making some money by hunting some monsters, eating out in nature or at some fine inn and sleep there. *sigh*

    The stories! Absolutely wonderful emotional deep stories that pull you right in! This was truly perfect in Suikoden.
    More so because it was always nice and long so the game kept you immersed in hours of gameplay with a story you just wish would never end.
    Games these days could learn from Suikoden as most games now pretty much have no story to them which is an utter waste and I certainly don’t care about silly achievements either, it’s stories and depth I want.

    Still I keep wishing Leknaat would somehow show up, granting me a true rune, make me younger again somehow and take me to that beautiful world and it’s wonderful people.

    Suikoden is just perfect and I really wish for it to continue as I sincerely miss it.

  27. Austin - Reply

    I love Suikoden for all the characters. I’ve never had so many favorites from a specific series, but there are just so many fascinating and wonderful characters to interact with. An as someone who enjoys acting, seeing and reading so many different takes on all the different archetypes of character is inspiring, even when it just come to writing. The games are a must play. I recommend 1, 2, and 5.

  28. Lance - Reply

    The number one game that i play of all time, i recommend this to new gamer’s out there, they will regret if they cant get past of this one, such a wonderful piece from KONAMI!

  29. Marcos - Reply

    I love de two first series of Suikoden, I think one of the most interesting things is to recruit 108 characters that have different potentials, the military plot, politics and see it grow your castle and your army.

  30. Davix Stark - Reply

    Great!! Suikoden is fantastic! the best game ever! Konami please listen us! the voice of suikofans around the world that love this amazing game! (from Mexico) :)

  31. Ashton - Reply

    Great article, really thank you !

    I have discovered Suikoden when I was 8 and I didn’t speak english, but I was already fascinated by the numerous characters and the design. Time has passed and I have grown with this game, learned english with the motivation I could finally understand the whole story ! To find Luc (and others :p) in Suikoden 2 and 3 were really a pleasure and I like the depths of relationships in those games.

    I am really waiting for a new Suikoden, which could be the following of the others. Tierkreis was good but on DS (which isn’t the better platform I think) and the new one isn’t event translated in english (or french ? Pleaaaaase). I know that Konami has great developers, let Suikoden revive !

  32. Marcus McDohl - Reply

    Suikoden 1 & 2 is awsome, just awesome. I owned them as a child and loved every minute of them. The story was great and the characters and gameplay, graphics and the music was sublime. The fact that you could get 108 stars in suikoden 1 and load suikoden 2 with your savefile was incredible. That was the only way to get the best ending :-)
    It’s time to release suikoden 1 & 2 on eu (worldwide)! It will make my day and many others.
    Sorry for my crappy english.
    I’m from Sweeeeden ;-)

    1. Johnny - Reply


      Considering the number of sub par ps1 games already available on the store I cant believe Konami have not released Suikoden 1 & 2 on the EU PSN.

      I still have the originals playstation disks but I would be happy to vote with my wallet and purchase them again if they were made available. Come on Konami take my money, dont be shy!!

  33. Adam E - Reply

    Suikoden sticks out as a brand of quality RPG for one big reason: it doesn’t fit into the traditional RPG mold with traditional RPG characters. The 108 Stars of Destiny are a unique and interesting way to hold players’ attention as well as give them a goal to work towards. Besides the fact they all have an individual role, the level of character development is particularly well done (I’m looking at you II and V). This series deserves a reboot and a chance to shine again. Every gamer I’ve been able to introduce the series to is in love with it.

    Bring it back Konami!

  34. Roy Davis - Reply

    Wow where to start. I got into Suikoden on a whim thanks to a friend loaning it to me. He gave me the 2nd in the series and I’ve been hooked ever since then. There’s not really much to dislike about the games to be honest. I have always loved the characters from design to execution. With 108 just in your team alone, its hard NOT to find at least 1 or 2 you can come to enjoy.

    I think if I had to chose any one thing or group of things about the game that just sets it apart to me it would be the lore and the expanding home bases. The world for Suikoden just seems so massive and real. Each game in the main series succeeds at being their own stand alone but still letting you know there is a bigger world out there to explore. It feels like a real world waiting to be explored. Then there are the 27 true runes for which we still don’t know the majority of them. I think at last count we maybe know of 12 or 15 of them at most? That’s still a good amount to do. With this looming over head, the series feels…incomplete. Like we are missing a bigger story that could be told.

    The other thing I mentioned was the expanding home base. I’ve always loved games where I can see my efforts making a mark in real time and this is the very core, to me, of the home bases. The more people you work to recruit, the larger your home base becomes and the more stuff you get to do there. What’s better than that?

    I know the Suikoden team has long since been disbanded by Koonami and honestly, even when they were still there making games the Suikoden series seemed like the last thing on Koonami’s mind. I mean, when 5 came out here in the USA, I tried finding it on the US Koonami website and it was NO WHERE to be found. It saddens me to think of just how many people that like RPG’s that might have missed out on such a great series simply because they didn’t know about it.

    This needs to change and we need more Suikoden in our lives. I know that’s asking much but just look at how much support this one series has garnered. Not only has this group drawn a huge following but there are hundreds of others that crave more of the series. More GOOD entries in the series I should say. Anyway, I’ve rambled enough. Thanks for publicizing the group. :)

  35. Arthur - Reply

    Forget Final Fantasy. Suikoden is the greatest RPG ever created!
    It’s got a rich universe, and every character have its own motives. Its deep, adult plot does not find a match in any other games around.
    I can only hope for another Suikoden title…

  36. Maximz - Reply

    Suikoden 2 was the first rpg i got for ps1 when u first start the game u start off back at the camp of the highlanders and u plan to leave when found out u are backed against a jump in the ocean or fight ….i kept choosing to fight the opponents didnt stop i gave up and jumped lmao. I found the game to be great it was one of the only games that offered such a variety of characters all with their own story to tell and without deviating away from the main plot of the story at that….you go from being a highlander to being a prisoner to being part of a rebel army and then you get ur own castle and become a rebel army leader and are pitted into difficult to make choices. There were several times the game allows u to choose to run away from all the problem and if u choose to do that and follow through u would experience a different ending however that is just a choice between being a leader or a coward and that is what makes this game unique it allows u to make choices that a normal human would make. The suikoden series became one of my favorites and while 2 was my first 1 became my favorite of the series, the characters, the story, and the most hurtful times that ur put through in suikoden 1 was more then any other suikoden in my opinion. Suikoden one was an impactful game with characters to match. …overall suikoden is my favorite rpg of all time n i wish i could see more of the classic suikoden

  37. Richard - Reply

    The Suikoden series was and still is an amazing series to play. They are one of the few games I love to replay years after I have beaten more than once and challenged myself to do better than before or take a few different routes in playing the games to see what. When I talk to my friends about favorite games Suikoden has always been my choice and also how I was able to learn a few good friends had the same opinion.
    Among all the games I have played it is so unique in that not only are the people on your side given so much depth into the characters but also the people on the opposing sides. It was so much that you couldn’t really hate them or be mad at them because of the things you learn about the characters from both sides. It was also interesting to see how some side quests or mini-games gave more depth to some of the characters as well showing some background in who they were before they met you. To put it simply it is an amazing series that everyone needs to try at least once and not just gamers but really everyone.

  38. onelmon - Reply

    I love everything about Suikoden, the amazing continuous plot, the gameplay, the combo attack system, the headquarters, the 108 Stars of Destiny (each with his/her own unique background story) Everything! Suikoden is my first fighting RPG game and the main reason I started learning Japanese just because I wanted to know the whole story in Suikogaiden. Thanks a lot Konami UK for the coverage and SRM for the countless efforts in reviving this game! It’s great to see how everyone is still so enthusiastic about Suikoden!

    Go Suikoden!!

  39. Luminarius - Reply

    Like many before me, I must say that the appeal of the Suikoden series is the plot. However, more than just the plot, there’s also the spectacular game play, the many unique characters one can recruit, the satisfaction of seeing your army and home base grow, the absolute catharsis one feels upon using a super powered character to completely obliterate a group of enemies that just hours ago were giving you trouble. Suikoden is a series of intricate detail. There are many RPG’s on the market out there, but none like Suikoden. While other RPG’s give me brooding heroes, Suikoden gives me courageous heroes. While other RPG’s give me theatrical villains, Suikoden gives me more subdued, more human villains. Suikoden means a lot to me, and I know that in the world of that game, there are still many, many stories to be told. I think Konami should really consider bringing this series back.

  40. Julien - Reply

    The depth of the scenario exceeds(overtakes) all which exists; and the various modes of fights are a pleasure , just like fact to play with 6 fighters
    suikoden 2 and suikoden 5, the gameplay, the bonuses, the “complete game” part, the characters, the runes and 108 stars concept, all in those games are amazing
    I miss suikoden saga please we need it on the new generation and o nthe european PSN

  41. chris - Reply

    I love the Suikoden series Y’all need to make a true entry in the series the last true one was five and it was great went back to the root gameplay that made the series great!

  42. Victor L - Reply

    Suikoden is for probably my favorite RPG series, it combines everything a RPG need to become a complete experience. The music is fantastic, the story in the games are thrilling and especially the 2nd game, it gets you hooked 5 minutes in and doesn´t let go until the game is over. The combat mechanic in the first two games are one of the best old school 2d battlesystems, and the games even have three different kinds of battle; full on war battles, normal battles, and epic one on one duels. An RPG just doesn´t get better than Suikoden.
    My personal favorites are Suikoden 2, 5 and 1. The second game is just the best RPG ever, tons of fun minigames, fantastic story, epic music, fun gameplay and great 2d graphics. The characters are funny, dark, strange, lovable and so much more. It is also sooooo rewarding to get the 108 stars of destiny, and get the best ending in all of the games.
    The only problem with the Suikoden games are that they can be hard to get a hold of. The first game is on PSN, just not in Europe, and the second Suikoden game can about 150 dollars on ebay, so its hard to get a hold of. The third game wasn´t even released on PAL systems. The forth, fifth and tactics are not available in store but they are affordable on places like ebay.

    These great games need to be re-released so that everyone can get to play theses pieces of art without needing to pay a fortune. Release all the games on PSN, Steam, XBL so everyone can play these games.

    Oh, and btw, it would be awesome for a sixth Suikoden game, you at least have one customer for it right here.

  43. Jed - Reply

    Suikoden 2 is forever engraved in my heart enough said please make another suikoden game or remake PLEASE… LONG LIVE THE SUIKODEN FANS! and I hope more people will get to enjoy the Suikoden games as much as I did especially the new generation

  44. Joshua Allen - Reply

    Suikoden is an amazing series. I paid $50 for just the disk of Suikoden 1 a few years back. I have a buddy who paid $150 for just the disk of Suikoden 2. I played through Suikoden 3 probably about 5 times. Just amazing games. A great franchise just begging for revitalization.

  45. Shark - Reply

    I don’t think I could say something that hasn’t been said. When I discovered Suikoden, it changed the way I looked at RPGs. RPGs have always been my favorite genre, but Suikoden added depth to more than just the storyline-essential 7 or so characters but a world with complex rules and alliances. It showed me that games can have story and characters as compelling as any great novel.

  46. Paul F - Reply

    I could easily write dozens of pages on what makes the Suikoden series so special, but in the interest of readability I will be brief.
    Everything about the core games is special to me. I remember I was in Middle School when I first began my love for RPGs. I went to a now closed video game store, Player’s Choice, with my mother. I was looking for a game “like Final Fantasy”, so I asked the sales rep what he recommended. He showed me a game with a strange, hard to pronounce title and a cover I frankly thought was ugly (the cover for the US version). That game was Suikoden 1. I hesitantly took his advice and that’s when the joy began.
    The graphics were nothing exceptional but the characters, plot, and music captivated my attention. I did not get the good ending but I nonetheless thought the plot was beautiful. A youth rebelling against a corrupt empire, forced to fight his father. My allies died for the sake of the cause and I actually felt an abundance of emotion.
    Skipping ahead, I bought Suikoden 2 a few months later. It was amazing. This game took me through a harrowing tale of rebellion, civil war, mania, war crimes, love, tragedy, friendship, and hope ( in addition to vampires, cooking shows, and commodity trading). Yet, it dealt with these themes tastefully. The Suikoden series always has dark moments. Many games portray this negative side of humanity. What Suikoden does differently than modern games is that it portrays the gravity of the horror and violence of war without relying on the shock value of gore, violence, and curse words. While that is amazing in itself, Suikoden takes things a step further and allows you to feel the power of hope. No matter which endings I got or which characters died, the game always seemed to make me compelled me to keep climbing that hill, towards a greater good. And in the end I never felt let down.
    I feel that one of the largest reasons the game has such emotional poignancy is that the music almost always conveys and bolsters the feeling each scene or event is supposed to instill. The Sadness theme is truly sad, coupled with certain events, its effect is burned into your mind. The War theme from the second game includes obscure chanting that conveys power and seriousness. Then there is the Days Past theme. When I first heard it in the game I got chills, while the game was portraying two friends reflecting on the fun and innocence of their lives prior to surviving a massacre. While I have never experienced a massacre, the song still made me reflect on good things in the past. Now, when I hear the song, I look backwards at my past. I see loved ones no longer with me, simpler times. I reminisce and I honestly feel my face begin to twitch with emotion. Its beautiful and that is exactly what I believe that song was meant to convey.
    Suikoden also involves a staggering amount of “mini-games” and sidequests. What other game throws Iron Chef into the mix? or allows you to cast your own plays? to put completely inappropriate mixes of characters into a sauna together? Why in the hell are there fighting flying squirrels and vampires? The list goes on and on. These quirks only add to the game’s uniqueness and don’t detract from the game’s core plot or theme. In fact, I think they add some lighthearted fun in the midst of some pretty heavy drama. The game is rich with lore, begging to be explored.
    At the end of the day, Suikoden, is a series that just overflows with heart, sincerity, and virtue. It portrays the lowest humanity can fall, but before it ever hits the bottom, it bounces back up to hope. Suikoden is a game about the importance of ideals, the bonds of friendship, and the sacrifices we all have to make if we want to be free from tyranny. Above that, for me, it resonates with something deep in my soul that I can’t quite articulate. I just know that Suikoden reminded me to always strive for a greater purpose, supported by carefully contemplated virtues.
    Suikoden will always be a category above the rest. I would love to see the second one re-released, just so I could buy it as a vote of confidence. If a new core game is ever made, I hope the series retains its unique effect, but I’d be happy just to see an attempt. And regardless of its selling potential, Suikoden represents a game that teaches so many uplifting lessons that are needed now more than ever before.

  47. Defaulted26 - Reply

    For me, the Suikoden series is very personal and goes back to playing the first one in my child hood. Everything about the these games from the characters to the story show quality and care. The thing that grabs me most about these games are the story. The story, with its rich world history (which has yet to fully be explored) to the political and military nature of its themes brings a sort of truth to the world, and the idea, as stated previously in the article, that strength in unity shall overcome any obstacle, really teaches a valuable lesson. Never has this idea been more important than in today’s world.
    Athough some entries into the series have strayed slightly from this path, it is games like these that make you feel like your playing something truly important; something special that you can’t help but want to explore further. Nothing would make me happier than to have a new console installment of this game, I would gladly spend whatever the price was and get it the first day it came out. You can do it Konami!!

  48. Luthfie - Reply

    I love the story, the mystery, the hegemony, and the unity. I just simply love Suikoden. I humbly do beg you, Konami, to make Suikoden 6. Please.

  49. Zephyr - Reply

    Suikoden 6 please :), there are so much stories more to tell in Suikoden 6, the whole plot and world is so well developed.

    It probably has the biggest world and stories combined in any game ever.

  50. Nicholas - Reply

    Why Suikoden?
    Well, for me all aspect of Suikoden are fascinating, the world itself, the stories, the characters, the runes, the villians, the art work, even the music. I’ve played all the game, I-V so many times, and each time i found something new, something unique than the other time playing. It’s seems even the game story timeline goes up and back from past to the future yet every timeline has it’s own unique, it’s own conflict which is has effect in the future.
    In other hand Tierkries is a good suikoden, it was created with Suikoden style of story, character yet the story itself not related with suikoden except the Stars which make me sad. it’s a good stand alone series and deserve a sequel or prequel, yet I prefer the original suikoden to be made next time.

  51. paul john - Reply

    Suikoden 1 and 2 the most of the best and rpg system with 108 stars of destiny.Continuing generation by generation country to country pls continue it.

  52. Random - Reply

    What I like about Suikoden games is the fact that they showed me what I like to see in the RPGs I play: A good story that I can relate with, something (like a sidequest or two) to make me feel like I’m actively affecting the world, characters that may not be too developed but have enough to make them stand out, and NPCs with dialogue that changes whenever something big happens. I also like how Suikoden games aren’t too serious! They have serious events but they also have silly events like the bath scenes!

    To this day, whenever I pick up a new RPG to play, I end up looking back to Suikoden (and Suikoden 2). Fire Emblem games remind me of the 108 Stars, the political/war aspect of Suikoden and just how well-made Suikoden characters were. Xenoblade’s Colony 6 quest and Atelier Meruru’s Kingdom development remind me of how rewarding it was to see how your Headquarters developed as you collect stars. Tales of games remind me of Suikoden with its hot spring scenes and the general tone its game has.

    I understand if it’s no longer possible to create a new Suikoden game… but absolutely, I’d love to see these games, especially the older ones, made available for everyone through legitimate means and not just the used market/emulators.

  53. Hector A - Reply

    Thank you for this article. I’m 37 year old player and I’ve been playing RPG games since I was 12. Before Suikoden I played a lot of RPG games but after I tried Suikoden it became my favorite game of all-time. I was sad when konami decided not to bring Suikoden 3 to Europe or the last chapter on PSP….
    Now you have digital distribution, please, bring those games to Europe and thing in all the posibilities that the next gen have (lot of mini games, chapters,etc…)

    Again thanks for all and sorry for my poor english

    A SRM member from Spain

  54. Thomas E. T. - Reply

    I love the fact that Konami UK is giving Suikoden a respectable nod with this article. Now if we could get a way to enjoy the whole Suikoden series on PSN, get a translation of the latest PSP game and a new sequel for the main story, or maby a reboot for the franchise. Then it would be real swell. And I would give you my money.

  55. Kris - Reply

    Suikoden is, quite frankly, the only JRPG series that I still care about, and it breaks my heart to see it slowly fade into obscurity. I think the next generation of consoles would be a fantastic new start for the series, even if it’s not necessarily named Suikoden 6. Heck, I could settle for a 2D Kickstarter Suikoden just to get the ball rolling. Dunno. If something like Mighty No.9 can raise 1.7 million dollars in just a couple of days (And they’re most likely gonna reach 2.5 million before it’s over), Suikoden can do the same, probably even more.

  56. Ryan - Reply

    I love this game so much, best of the best RPG i’ve ever played since my childhood. Especially Suikoden I & II, i’ve played it sooo many times, and not even bored a bit. You can ask me how to get the 108 stars of destiny, i can answer that without peeking into any walkthrough. Even i still have the PS1 Copy of them and it’s still working, but i can’t get the memory card wherever now. so i played it on PC with an emulator :D
    The storyline, the characters, the music of all town and villages give me a goosebumps everytime i heard or see it.
    Suikoden III, IV, and V are awesome too, how the story strike back to Suikoden I & II, it was amazing KONAMI.
    I’m so into this revival movement and you KONAMI guys will make it revived. I’m waiting :)

  57. Abdullah Salem - Reply

    Suikoden My Favorite RPG of all time , it have a really good story and the music very
    beautiful i love every thing in suikoden literally !!

    when i saw the game of thron ( TV Show ) it actually remind me of suikoden !!
    the civil war and betrayal ,,,, OMG i really miss suikoden so much

    thanks to konami and Mr. Yoshitaka Murayama for creating such a beautiful game

    sorry for my bad English

    Love From Kuwait ….

  58. Mursid Suryana - Reply

    one doesnt simply= forgetting Suikoden..

    will not type too much about this because we have seen love for suikoden in comments above mine..

    stars, fate, and i feel strong bond to this game, n anyway my gf is loving suikoden too even before we met, and we will marry soon and suikoden will remain in my family in a long time..fate, eh?

    please, don’t stop with number 5, let my child play the sixth..

    Suikoden Revival!!

  59. John King - Reply

    I was a P’nP’ RPGer moved away from home and friends in the mid90s – decided to turn to console gaming and one of the first games I bought was Suikoden and I loved it.
    I felt involved with the large cast, and was emotionally involved in the tragedies and despair of the young hero as he lost his friends from his childhood one-by-one, I felt sympathy for the shy Kasumi. I followed through the vast war to the end. Twice (before moving on to Vandal Hearts and it’s well designed battlefields).
    My first taste of Suikoden 2 (on the Vandal Hearts 2 demo disc) recaptured the magic and the game felt even better than the original.

  60. Martín M - Reply

    When I was three years old, back in 1989, I received a gift that would change my childhood and my life. That gift? The original NES. I nearly burned a hole through my gilded copy of The Legend of Zelda. Flash forward to 1998. I had recently played the original Suikoden and LOVED it. I eagerly anticipated the wait (and subsequent minor delays in release) of Gensou Suikoden II.

    I’ve had to wait for plenty of things in my life…and I am a very impatient person by nature! The wait for Suikoden II, however, STILL TO THIS DAY remains one of the most memorable and greatest returns on investment I’ve made.

    It took everything the original Konami game had created and even more fully fleshed it out: the themes of camaraderie, betrayal, brotherhood, friendship, love, struggle, balance, creation, ruin- to simply name a few. The relationship between Riou (Syuujinkou) and Joei, as well as that of Nanami/Riou, Nanami/Joei, and the trio as a group, is so nuanced and dear to my heart that I can’t adequately explain it in words.

    The art, gameplay, characters, and most notably the storyline and soundtrack are special to me and many gamers in ways we simply can not describe. I feel that the inability to really STATE how special something is to us just speaks all the words we could possibly utter.

    In Suikoden II lied a hero that I desired to be more like as a person in my everyday life: one who knows when to speak and when to remain silent, all while using judgment and a close knit group to help weigh impulses and decisions. One who doesn’t give up when he loses those closest and dear to him because he never forgets where he came from and who he was before he became the leader of a movement. I have faced many of these struggles as I grew up and it helped me to realize, even in college as a fraternity president, that I was not the first nor will I be the last.

    In many ways, this series has helped shape who I am as a man today. I don’t even really play video games anymore, and I’ll tell you why, Konami:

    It’s because games like what YOU have created with the Gensou Suikoden series just simply ARE NOT MADE anymore. I have eagerly awaited a true successor to Suikoden V in order to find a game I can lose myself in.

    I urge you to consider creating another masterpiece, as you consistently do with this series, by weaving the tale which will be known as Gensou Suikoden VI.

    Regardless of the outcome…thank you. I’ve never been able to properly express the gratitude I have in my heart for this series. Now I have had my chance.

    To the completion of the Suikoden Revival Movement!!!

    -Martín A. McCrary

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  62. Pokerface - Reply

    I grew up with the Suikoden Series. My best friend and I used to spend countless hours playing Suikden. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Recruiting the Charakters in order to get them all 108 was the greatest challenge of all. Even when Suikoden 4 was slightly above average… still an entertaining game. You all remember the “cook off” right? Man.. I had a blast debating, and arguing with my best friend, which recipes to use in order to win… but..

    What do you people think my reaction was when I saw RETSO in Suikoden 5?? And then the very very well written Antagonist Gizel Godwin….

    Please please Konami… gather your old team together, get the honorably Yoshitaka Murayama to write amazing Suikoden Stories for us!! The Game needs a continuation. What about the nameless Lands? What about Nagarea? What about Zelant? What about the Western Continent? What about Harmonia and the Sindar… man… there is soooooooo much potential… This game MUST come back to life!

  63. Dacryn Vayne - Reply

    I remember when Suikoden 3 came out. I had cherished the first two games and was soooo excited when I discovered they had made a third. Of course, they made that third to appeal to a wider audience, and so they stepped away from the regular Suikoden style while still sticking with the themes. It was a great game nonetheless. I won’t talk about Suikoden IV other than to say that I enjoyed the story and characters. Then V found itself in my hands and it showed that Konami can in fact return the love of a rich world, plot, and emotionally gripping themes to me. Suikoden I, II, and V were such amazing games that it’s sad the series has not been wrapped up yet in a VI, VII, VIII or however many it would take to expose all the True Runes and their bearers.

  64. Seth - Reply

    Suikoden is one of my favorite RPG of all time. It definitely deserves to be either rebooted for the modern era or an entire new game be built for the incoming next generation of consoles. It can be a powerhouse in terms of online play, not an MMO, but maybe a co-op adventure. Heck, you can let players design their own characters, and upload their stories & quests to the main game, creating a never ending adventure.

  65. Thirafi Sidha - Reply

    BEST JRPG GAME EVER!!!!! i love this game so much, and i always thinking this game was perfect rival for Final Fantasy, maybe even better than FF, i repeatly play Suikoden 1-5 games, and never get bored, i feel joy and excited everytime i play it

  66. MW - Reply

    Suikoden is a very important part of my life and if Suikoden VI were to be released, it would mean very much to me. Please consider it. Thank you.

  67. Ben - Reply

    I remember first hiring Suikoden from the video store when I was 10 years old… I developed a love for this game and the series, and the older I get and the more I replay the games, the more I appreciate them. I love the way the game really tells a story about unity, the power of joining together and achieving something seemingly impossible… Odessa’s death, Fighting the Zombie Dragon, Gremio’s death, Teo & young McDohl’s Battle, Kirkis’ moment by the burnt village of the elves and even the irritating characters like Milich all stick with me and that’s just Suikoden 1!

    Thanks for the memories Konami, this game positively impacted me and gave me more joy than any movie, any game, or any holiday I’ve been on. – SVI would be a dream come true.

  68. Leandro Ap Inacio - Reply

    I met Suikoden several years ago in game magazines… And just read about the things of the game like, be the owner of a castle, be a leader and command an army in a war against a country, and a story that makes you laugh and cry…
    Square-Enix must learn with Konami how to make a true RPG!

    And yes, I know how it is difficult and costly to make a game in those years where people idolize brainless First-person shooter…
    Sell art and knowledge has never been so difficult as today, is sad i know, but true…
    Oh Boy, I love Suikoden and I’d love to play a new game, but we have to see the Softhouse side too. In the game industry world, a mistake could mean the end… Look to square making mistakes after mistakes and now hes in the red again…
    A masterpiece need a right time to be make and a right time be release…And Konami know this legendary art…
    So let’s just relax…Someday i know we will have a new Suikoden in our hands and in this day we will play until our brains became soup…I’m joking, we only will play until our hands fall… Well this is all…

    And ever remenber this guys: “Keep Calm and try recruit Pesmerga” ~Hes a badass!

    Sorry for the bad english, and a hug from Brazil!

  69. Lawrence - Reply

    I would love to keep the story of suikoden 1 but totally redo the combat system, make it more first or 3rd person, cut scenes everywhere just like how square enix is now. You could even have more details and events to add the extra hours of gameplay and to keep script writers busy inside konami. Seems like most modern rpg these days doesn’t captivate me with there roleplay. Maybe reintroduce an old idea might be a good idea.

  70. Lawrence - Reply

    Been listening to the OST of this game and i just remembered how the music brought so much emotion into the game.. Music for a moment of the power of the imperial army, fate of the world in your hands, sadness, happy, silly buggers, king of the underworld. Music is very powerful in these games. I’m trying to think if i’m being nastalgic or not, but these games were amazing. It has replay value even now. I would pay a few hundred dollors for a remake of this game if it had more. Maybe an after story of Tir as he moves to suikoden 2 with the suikoden 1 story. Just make it big and amazing.

  71. Bj - Reply

    I dont have any game console except for the old PS2. I will buy a new game console whichever that may be when they release suikoden 6. Make the suikoden series complete.

  72. Jxsonl - Reply

    Suikoden 6! We don’t want and don’t need crazy graphics like FFXV but we want something like Suikoden 2 or 5 (2 of my personal favorites) We want something that is memorable, something that is planted in our hearts when we play it, something to ponder upon when we finish the game or while we facing a choice in the game. Something that challenges humanity morals. These were all in Suikoden, and NO there is NO other game/RPG/JRPG that comes close to Suikoden.
    Suikoden 6 please!!! We only want Konami to do it, because I hope it stays purely Suikoden something that wont disappoint us

  73. Fairlee - Reply

    Why Suikoden?
    If I’m asked, up to this moment, and I’m sure for further future, what is the best game I’ve ever played, I will, without even a second to think, answer Suikoden 2, as the best game ever made.
    It isn’t my first game or my first RPG, but Suikoden 2 sure is the most memorable game I ever played.
    And yes, Final Fantasy doesn’t even come close.

    What draw me the most to Suikoden Series is the story.
    Friendship, betrayal, idealism, and much more.
    Suikoden not just a game. It’s a novel. I love how rich the story always is.
    The 108 stars are charming with everyone has their own purpose of fighting and joins the rebellion.
    The castle system is a lot of fun, as well as the all out battle.
    Suikoden Series is indeed a rare gem.

    And yes, just like someone stated, I would by any console that has Suikoden 6 in it.
    I love Suikoden that much. Wait, that’s an understatement.
    I LOVED Suikoden with all caps and bold and underline.
    There’s so much mysteries there left in Suikoden’s world.
    We need Suikoden 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 etc.

  74. TWJ (from ASEAN country) - Reply

    Among all RPG games including those other major titles out there now, suikoden 1 & 2 have the best re playability for me, and i still don’t get bored about it after play more than a dozen times ever since it came out. Konami is really leaving out a big market share of the RPG market. Although they may not have comparable graphic and effects like Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Dragonage or The Witcher. Its enriching story and ability to capture the many people around the world with inter-linking stories and events is 1 big major advantage over the big players out there. I sincerely wish Konami Management reassemble back the original teams who creating this wonderful series.

  75. Mohammed - Reply

    Suikoden 2 is the best game I have ever Played

    Suikoden 1 , Suikoden 3 , Suikoden 4 , suikoden 5 , and Tactics are great games too

    please… if you are not making a suikoden 6 .. at least remake Suikoden to HD .. it will be a Hit in the market for sure!

  76. Brandon - Reply

    At school, my friends and I were talking about our personal favorite RPG of all time, and I immediately declared that Suikoden II was, is, and will always be my favorite. Konami, you can change that. You can make Suikoden VI my favorite GAME of all time.

  77. Macc - Reply

    It was an absolutely Great game, konami, if youre going to make part 6, can you make a Classic style like Suikoden 1 and 2? But much more graphics.

  78. Aditya W P - Reply

    Hey im from indonesia and i love suikoden and all the people who love it. Im here just to thanks konami that you were do a good job to made my life so perfect, so i say thank you :)).Suikoden is the only RPG.based turn that i play over and over again, especially suikoden 2 & 3, it was so good storyline . And i also always imagine about future of suikoden, here i go : 1. I always wanted to play the next suikoden, and i will wait . 2. If suiko 6 not released, pleasemake it a movie, or an live action or an anime, it should be perfect :D . I think thats all i.want to share im sorry if my english was bad and… Long last SUIKODEN!!

  79. Haro Swiftstrike - Reply

    suikoden two….it hurts to think i will never get to play it again cause it’s so rare….that game is apart of my heart and soul and will never die as long as i breath….rpg games in general are dying so not just for suikoden but for the dragon quests, breath of fires, Hell!! all RPGs!!!! save them pls!! togather we can do it….i hope

  80. Alika Nugraha - Reply

    Once a year, in my holiday i always played Suikoden series in my PC, all five of them. Its been years and i never get bored. In the end of the Suikoden 3 (4,5,1,2,3 is my play order) i even cannot wait to play again in the next year.

    It may sound cheesy but this game has changed my life, at least how i see life.

    The VI will always be my dream waiting to be came true, im sure how old am i when it finally release, theres me, back to my 10 old years, excited with the new Hero, cannot wait to find the HQ, gather all of the 108 stars and finished it with joy and tears

    This dream will live on, until i can be a part of the journey again

    Thanks Suikoden and Konami

  81. novian - Reply

    suikoden is my most favorite rpg, especially suikoden 2. it teaches me to complete playing a game (the 108 stars) rather than play in a hurry like another game. so please make a suikoden 6, because i start to feel boring to play mature-topic game made by the western developers. they lack fantasy and child-consumable topics that always make me miss the old days of gaming.
    thank you.

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