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Happy Suikoden Day 2013!

Despite a major Suikoden game not hitting the shelves in the UK since 2006, there is still a huge Suikoden following, as is shown by an increasingly popular Facebook group.

The Suikoden Revival Movement celebrated the classic RPG by creating a Suikoden Day 2013 Facebook group with the intent of bringing fans of the series together to share memories, thoughts about future Suikoden releases, fan art and cosplay – and even have a chance of taking home some goodies too.

Why July the 11th? – It’s the anniversary of the release date of Suikoden III (in Japan, back in 2002). Last year’s Suikoden Day was similar with Suikoden II (2012), and the same again the year before that (2011) with the original Suikoden game.

It’s humbling to see such a dedicated community thriving – even without any major Suikoden news for 7 years. One thing is for certain though, we haven’t forgotten about the Suikoden fans – and seeing this level of passion, just makes us love you guys even more.

If you have any questions of comments, why not follow the links to the Suikoden community pages – or use the comments section below.

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  1. Heather C - Reply

    Thank you Konami UK for your amazing posts and your support today. The fans just want you to know how much we love the series and that we would give ANYTHING to see it revived! Also, if we could make the games available for everyone (example: Suikoden is on PSN for the US and not anywhere else, or the games that were only release in Japanese) that would be much appreciated.

    You guys rock. Thanks again for all the tweets, the response to tweets, the facebook post, and this blog. <3

  2. Christoph - Reply

    We really appreciate this statement!!! For many of us Suikoden is more than simply a game. We are grown up with it and it touched all of us very deeply. So there is no way we would give up about Suikoden!

  3. Moses Palces - Reply

    HEY KONAMI! I Love you guys so much, you won’t believe how the Suikoden series helped me get through my childhood bullying trauma way back in grade school :’( Suikoden is the reason why I still believe in today’s RPGs, and I still continue to do so today. Now, even if you guys still don’t plan on making the next installment, just hearing from you guys gives us the flicker of hope that we really needed to see. We love the series especially the Suikoden 2, and it was really touching when you brought back the “feel” in the 5th. You appreciate your fanbase and that’s what made us love your company.


    Please don’t “modernize” the Suiko world in the next installment ;) I love you guys

  4. Denitsa Petkova - Reply

    Thank you Konami UK for not giving us fans support like this! It really helps!
    Many already said it but an extra fan to say it won’t hurt – Suikoden is more than a game for me. It inspired me as an artist, it helped me grow up and be where I am now. I can’t thank enough for this. :)
    Thank you for giving us heads up that our pleas for Suikoden 6 do reach some ears!
    Much love to you!

      1. Denitsa Petkova - Reply

        I think the best compliment to a work is to hear that it is inspiring or it inspired someone to create something. :)
        It may mean a little but I want to say that after I played Suikoden II I wanted to draw such characters, to write such stories, to make something as memorable. Life swayed me in different direction so I remained as self taught artist but my love to character design and story telling, I owe it all to the Suikoden series.

        Thank you again for the reply, for the interest and for reading this! :)

  5. Refa - Reply

    Happy Suikoden Day everyone!
    I’m so excited to see lotsa Suikoden fans celebrating the day.
    I hope konami will make another sequels though because we’re are dying to play new Suikoden.

  6. Nisababa - Reply

    KONAMI!! i LOVE you and Suikoden SO much! :D
    I grew up with Suikoden and the series always been really inspiring for me ,it always gave me the urges to draw suikoden fanarts! my dream is to become a character designer for Konami!

  7. Anantamae - Reply

    Hi, KONAMI! I know your company when I bought my first RPG, that is Suikoden I and My teenage hood was great because of the suikoden series, now I’ve been waiting for almost 7 years but there is not any solid news which is, kinda sad, now I am on my 5th smester of my study in college and still hoping for a new cannon suikoden game!Thank You and I love You

  8. Clarisa - Reply

    happy Suikoden day for everyone!
    i start play this game when my friend always telling me to play this game.. i try to playing Suikoden 2, and after it, i start love this game series :)
    i hope there is another sequel of this amazing game. Suikoden is the best JRPG and my favorite one :D
    thank you Konami for make this game and once again, happy Suikoden day!

  9. Antimatzist - Reply

    It’s great to see you acknowledging fan efforts!

    Suikoden was always my favourite RPG series every and it’s a shame it doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. Nice to see you supporting your fans. :)

  10. Erika - Reply

    Thanks for the support and not forgetting about it. Happy Suikoden Day everyone!!! Now you’ll make us all REALLY happy if you release a new chapter in the adventure one day soon >^_^<

  11. Daniel "Dazz" Brown - Reply

    Suikoden is pretty much the reason I still play games. It got me interested in gaming as more than just a pass time. I now run 3 websites dedicated to gaming with over a million users across social networks… It made me see games as more than just games, and as being a great way of telling a story, and being art in and of themselves. They are the inspiration to anything and everything I do, and I can’t thank Konami enough for introducing for that.

    Hopefully one day, the story will continue. Heck, since the team has split up through Konami… Even a remastering of the first 2 games would go down an absolute treat. Sadly, being British, I never played Suikoden 3. I’m sure it’s as awesome as people tell me :(

  12. Arijan - Reply

    Thank you Konami! Have you ever considered a Suikoden Movie , or Manga/Anime series? I have a feeling that would make Suikoden even so more popular, since it already has a such developed story, the music is amazing and the artwork is just fantastic.

  13. Aeous - Reply

    HAPPY SUIKODEN DAY!! And a HUGE thanks to Konami UK for it’s support of the Suikoden Revival Movement. To this day I find my experience with the franchise enlightening and inspirational. It will always be the best RPG series I have ever come to know and love.

  14. Crawler3333 - Reply

    Hello, Konami UK !! Thank you for giving the Suikoden Revival Movement recognition. I played Suikoden since the very first episode was released and was astounded how amazing it was. Suikoden V is actually my favorite one as a stand-alone game, while Suikoden III is the one I “felt” the most ( I always had “that certain character” in my team in the first two titles, so you can imagine my reaction during SIII special ending… TuT).
    I genuinely consider Suikoden the best RPG saga ever made, because of its detailed world, continuity and storyline – and I still don’t understand why the franchise was abandoned after the release of that masterpiece that was Suikoden V. I think that a great company like Konami deserves a great RPG series – and that series can be only Suikoden !!!

  15. Wafi - Reply

    Dear Konami. thank you for recognizing us. Thank you so much. I see hope in here and I believe you will create next installment without we ask anymore.

    Thank you, Konami!
    Happy Suikoden Day all!

  16. K2 - Reply

    IMHO, Suikoden is the greatest RPG. Having played several games in that category, Suikoden’s combination of a compelling storyline, well developed characters, and numerous subplots are what makes it one of the best RPG series. This is why it continues to give this series its enduring fanbase seven years after the release of the last game. This formula would still work if Konami decided to continue the franchise and make a Suikoden VI. Hopefully, after Suikiden Day 2013, Konami will see that there continues to be a vested interest in the franchise and create the next installment.

  17. Fredrik - Reply

    I think it’s extremely cool the Suikoden Day is mentioned here on the Konami UK blog.

    However, it would be even cooler if Suikoden 1-5 + Tactics were released on the European PlayStation®Store since it support both PS1 and PS2 downloads now so all those 6 masterpieces could be there. Suikoden III (which this picture is taken from) is especially important, since it never got any proper European PS2 retail release. Please make it happen! :-)

  18. Ompet - Reply

    Thank you very much for your acknowledgment!
    The thing “we’re” (I’m not responsible but one in the group at least!) trying to do is to make Konami listen, and every time we here that Konami is listening a spark of hope is shining through. This spark grows in our heart and can light up a hard day or a tough time, just like the actual games do. So please, every day you think you want to brighten up someones day, make a report about Suikoden, or just put a message upwards, doing something for the community. Even if it doesn’t pay off, the man can live on the hope a long time :)

    Ending with a quote from the best game ever made, Suikoden II feautring Leon Silverburg:
    “Listen you little punk. History doesn’t flow, it moves. By leaps and bounds! Sometimes it must be pushed along by men like us along the way.”

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  20. Jed - Reply

    Happy Suikoden day to everyone.. Thank you so much Konami UK for hearing us Suikoden fans out :) as like many others Suikoden 2 Also inspired me as i always use the Callsign “suikodenkid” on all my games emails and such although im not a Kid anymore :D I grew up inspired by Suikoden 2 this game has forever a place in my heart thank you for making a very beautiful game and Im hoping you guys would have a Suikoden 6 or a Suikoden HD remake from any of the Suikoden series in the future. More power to Konami! and Long live the Suikoden Fans!!

  21. Tony - Reply

    Suikoden will never die…thanks to everyone for the support…HEY KONAMI !!! FOR ALL OF US WHO STILL BELIEVE IN IT PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER SUIKODEN !!!

  22. Twinkler - Reply

    Thank you Konami !

    Thank you so much and a big hug to all Suikoden fans all around the world ^^ Happy Suikoden Day !!

  23. Tir643 - Reply

    Thank you very much for this thoughtful gesture and happy Suikoden day everyone! The first two games in this series are masterpieces and my two favorite games of all time. I have played them even more times than chrono trigger and that has 15 different endings. I for the life of me can not figure out why Konami doesn’t think that putting in the money to release Suikoden 2 on psn will be worth it. I have heard many rumors such as having to pay too much to get the music rights from the harmonic orchestra to Konami just not wanting to pursue any real sequel due to the team being disbanded. What really matters however is that Konami should realise just how important this game franchise is to it’s fans. In short this game has created a world that teaches us that many unique people from different backgrounds united together for a single cause can change the world. It teaches hope and the value of persistent struggle for justice no matter the obstacles in your path. I think of this world and try to apply it in my own life. I want my life to be an adventure where i grow and change the lives of those around me for the better and it’s thanks to this game. Continuing this series is obviously something we all want. Personally i would love to see the 6th installment about 3 years after the second one so we can have the main characters from the 2nd in this one as well. (maybe even tir because he’s my favorite ) Getting more into the storyline and powers of yuber and pesmerga would be a plus but i know the creator wants to have the last game end with their secrets revealed so you shouldn’t expose it all :) Also viktor and flik returning would be a great plus. Thank you for listening to our voices, and through you guys at Konami UK we hope you broadcast our love for this series all the way to the top!

  24. Eduardo Franco - Reply

    Thanks Konami for recognizing suikoden day and hopefully seeing the passion of fans for this series will convince you to bring this series to psn and work on a new installment there is nothing i would like more seeing that suikoden 2 is still my favorite game of all time

  25. Andrew - Reply

    Thank you for your recognition. Please bring us 6, 7, and many more. This series is BETTER than Final Fantasy! I’d buy a new console if that’s what it would take to play Suikoden 6! Please work toward this!

  26. Jake - Reply

    Thank you for recognizing this. One step closer to getting a sixth game (or even getting the second released on PSN/steam)!

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  28. Sefi - Reply

    Cheers for the recognition. I’d love to get me some Suikoden III in the european PSN store. Particularly as us Europeans never had the chance to play it to begin with.

    Thanks for all the memories :’)

  29. Fudce - Reply

    How ironic that Konami UK choose the cover for the one Suikoden game we have never good released over here for this entry…

    But not really a day to whinge. It’s a day to celebrate. Celebrate the great game that we all love, and to spread that love with those who don’t yet love it.

  30. Daniel - Reply

    Suikoden I and II are fantastic games, with II being, quite possibly, my favorite game of all time. I would love another top down rpg like those games. :)

  31. GMM - Reply

    Suikoden III art? The one game that was released as NTSC-US but not PAL? Rubbing salt on our wounds after so many years? I will never forgive you for this! Unless… a Suikoden Legacy Collection! That’d do it! All the PlayStation Suikoden games and even Suikogaidens finally translated in a single box! HD versions of the PS2 games and the PSP one!

    Oh and who could ever forget this from Metal Gear Solid!
    This piece of dialogue is why it’ll always be the best Metal Gear!

  32. Marina Paez - Reply

    Thank you so much, Konami UK! You really really made my day ^^ Suikoden is so special to us. Im so happy we have Suikoden Day and a bunch of amazing fans joining us! It never ceases to amaze how fans love so much Suikoden series! Cosplay, fanart, fanfictions, essays, it doesn’t matter what fans chose to do, they always put their heart into it! And I do, aswell, seeing each entry, each comment, each picture, I truly understand how special is that for us. Im really happy you understand it and approve it aswell. You’re the best, Konami UK! ^_^

  33. Alejandro - Reply

    I did my part, I bought Suikoden I the day it came out on PSN so we could get Suikoden II on PSN soon which is crazy rare and expensive to get physically but it neve happened.
    Please bring Suikoden II as a PS1 classic!

  34. Fer P. - Reply

    Hey, happy Suikoden Day for everyone (from Argentina)!!!

    This saga has been with me for years, I always replay its games at least once a year and I always expect a new one to pick the story where the 3rd game left it. Really, every year I watch and/or read everything regarding the E3 and the TGS hoping to see when the saga will continue. You gave us a lot with this saga but you still need to make an end for it.

    Trust that we will be waiting for new Suikoden games (age is not a problem, I’m 32 already but hope is still right there).

    Thanks a lot for this saga, please please don’t forget it! ^__^

  35. Bud Hovest - Reply

    It is so awesome that Konami has taken time to recognize the fans and this day!!! I remember being a kid walking through toys ‘r’ us and seeing Suikoden and reading the back and wondering what is this?!? And I begged my mom to buy it and fell in love with a game like never before. I don’t even know how many times I have replayed all the games. I would love to see a new game or even the PSP game. But until then I will play all the games over and over and be in love with this series forever which is a must for any person that lives RPGs. Happy suikoden day everyone!!!

  36. YoshMaster - Reply

    Ahhh Suikoden… To me, Suikoden 2 is still the best post-SNES game of all time!!
    I really love that 1-2 are 2D and that’s also why Tierkreis is my third favorite (it’s “3D” but in the scope of old school games)!
    I think a 3DS Suikoden (maybe a more direct sequel instead of a gaiden) would be the best way for Konami to keep the budget low but still please the fans!

    The important thing is to keep the feel of the older games like 2. Fast combat, smooth animations, awesome drawings, loveable characters (Nanami is still the best sister ever :P) and touching, politicaly-based story!!

  37. shawn - Reply

    Thank you Konami! I play my copy of suikoden 1 that I bought off psn every few weeks… it is a beautiful detailed masterpiece. Let’s get part 2 on there for all to enjoy! ;-)

  38. Rianti - Reply

    “HAPPY SUIKODEN DAY 2013! I am proud to say that now i become game artist in Japan because of Suikoden! Great game with great story and character and depth that makes me want to make similar stuff as game creator! VIVA SUIKODEN!”

  39. Bryan - Reply

    I’m in my mid 30s, and have owned a variety of consoles from the Atari 2600 all the way up to the current generation. This series, and these games are easily my most favorite of all time. I rented part 1 back in the 1990′s, and myself and my (to this day) two best friends would spend endless summer hours, nights into mornings, hanging out and taking turns playing Suikoden 1 and 2. Not only do the Suikoden games -yes, even part 4 – have wonderful stories, but replaying the series takes me back in time to when the real world was more of an innocent, carefree place. I miss the days when I had 8 straight hours to spend in front of a television wandering the Grasslands or exploring the Toran Republic. So many great gaming and personal memories are intertwined for me and Suikoden. Thank you for the recognition today, Suikoden day! Mr. Murayama created something special here, Konami, don’t let it slip through your fingers.

  40. tapi - Reply

    If konami cannot afford a high budget suikoden, why not create a low budget one , I mean without character sound is OK for me. Or remake suikoden 2.

  41. Mc Dohl - Reply

    Bring Back my Suikoden T_T why do you have stop it Konami T_T
    Bring Back our 27 True Runes T_T
    BTW Happy Suikoden Days Everyone

  42. Kim - Reply

    suikoden has change my life forever. So happy to have been a part of such a wonderful community. This really made my day. Thanks so much Konami for the recognition <3

  43. snupsz - Reply

    Suikoden rocks!!! I just looove the storylines, the duel system, the war battles, and recruiting 108 stars of destiny..! It’s been 7 years, but I’ll still wait! Meanwhile, I’ll just keep replaying Suikoden 1-5 *sigh*

    KONAMI, bring back the series pleaze!

  44. Bagus Wirahadi - Reply

    Suikoden is my first RPG so I have a lot of memories with this amazing game. Started with Suikoden II, I found myself really enjoyed the whole game and started to love RPG genre especially Suikoden series. I have finished all Suikoden main series including Tactics, with Suikoden II and I are my favorites.

    Hopefully Suikoden II will come to PSN, other JPN Suikoden games will be available in English and last, there will be Suikoden VI. That’s gonna be a big dream comes true for all Suikoden fans! Happy Suikoden day!

  45. arhcamt - Reply

    thank you for this konami UK! and happy suikoden day to us all! i have been a big fan of the suikoden series for 12 years now, ever since i first played suikoden 2 back when i was 14. it is not an exaggeration when i say the series help me shaped who i am today, as an artist and as a person. i will always be eagerly waiting for the continuation. hope is not lost. :D

  46. suikosensei - Reply

    This is one great moment for all of us. We really appreciate the recognition of our effort and love. We only hope that this movement has somehow inspired the great people in Konami to rethink about their strategies regarding the Suikoden saga. We are all excited to hear any news about Suikoden and hoping so bad for a new release. It’s never too late for us. Happy Suikoden Day! :D

  47. Ashton - Reply

    I can just agree ! I Have missed the Suikoden day (work TT) but thank you really for that recognition ! I’m a fan since I’m 9 and I think it will never end =)

  48. Niki Steel - Reply

    Hi Konami! Niki from Suikoden Day here, thanks for recognising our efforts and spreading the word about Suikoden Day and the Suikoden Revival Movement! However I feel it’s worth pointing out the Suikoden Day predates the SRM, and while the two work closely together, they function independently and Suikoden Day is not created or run by the same team as the Suikoden Revival Movement. This is the third annual Suikoden Day, and they just keep getting bigger and better :)

  49. Andrew - Reply

    Thanks Konami for the Suikoden series. I first purchased Suikoden about 15 years ago for £8 from my local game store and have never looked back. Suikoden was the 1st RPG game that I had ever played at that time and was hooked wanting more. Whilst I do like the Final Fantasy series, nothing will ever come close (for me) to Suikoden and how easy it was to get into and the story making you feel like you are part of it. I have purchased all the series and to be honest I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve played Suikoden + Suikoden II (currently on a new game of Suikoden II now). Suikoden is and always will be a large part of my life and whilst there does not seem to be anything new on the horizon I keep hope that there will be something eventually. Whilst waiting I look for other games that will match the Suikoden series, but after 7 years of searching I’m still looking and don’t hold much hope for the future.

    I really hope there will be a next installment in the series and would also really like to see the other side of Suikoden II, where you could play the part of Joey to see how that struggle went.

    Thanks again for a memorable childhood =)

  50. Deepa - Reply

    Hello, I thought I’d post. I’ve never played these games but I have heard such good things about them! I never got a chance to play. Please bring these games to PSN, so more people can enjoy these games.

  51. chaoswars - Reply

    i love you Konami i am a big fan of suikoden i got all most every game please bring suikoden 1-5 to psn and the side games that was never release outside of japan like Suikogaiden Vol. 1 and 2 so every one can try them

  52. Rainmakerui - Reply

    A little late to the table here, but thank you Konami UK for recognising Suikoden Day and the SRM. The Suikoden series is amazing and I have been playing since I was 11 years old (14 years ago). The Suikoden games are the only games I still replay to this day and I really do hope that one day we get some positive news about a new release, or even Suikoden II & III making it’s way to the PSN (and Suikoden I being available on PSN for those outside of the US).

  53. Kevin Jake - Reply

    The stories are great. I hope there will still be Suikoden VI. Just checked out something about my favorite anime then later knew that there was a Suikoden Day and it was just last Friday. Hoping for another great game. Thank you Konami.

  54. Marron - Reply

    bring suikoden back again pls. even if you still haven’t any plans on making suiko6 yet, you can still try how the sales will go if you make suiko2 available on psn, or make suiko3 available on europe too!

  55. Aida - Reply

    This really made my day. It feels like Suikoden 6 is suddenly so reachable and its just waiting to be released. Thank you for everyone’s support, I feel so proud of SRM. :’)

  56. Ash - Reply

    Such an amazing series that no rpg fan should go without playing. Its sad that we don’t get to play 6, but we still hope you can make it happen :)

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  58. LuserinaOnly - Reply

    Thank you Konami UK for acknowledging the group, especially the efforts! It drives us to keep marching on! Let passion move history! (music from SII) YAY! :D

  59. Glurak - Reply

    I wish Suikoden 1 3 will come in German Langulage on the PSN but English would be cool too.

    Suikoden 2 is for me one of the BEST RPGs i ever played.

    And an Suikoden VI would be cool the world of Suikoden have so much secrets left. We all want see the Holy Kingdom Harmonia, the secrets from Yuber and and and. …..

  60. Jeane - Reply

    Happy Suikoden Day Everypne!! I still remember my suikoden days, and i repeated finishing suikoden 2 because it’s really really awesome. I really love suikoden series. i hope you make the next installment, we will be waiting for it :3

  61. Komeng - Reply

    thank you, i’m relieved you still consider suikoden to be konami’s legendary RPG
    you should know this series was incredibly popular in Indonesia, home of 240 million people, the fourth largest population country in the world which will give you profits to cover the costs. we love suikoden.

  62. Danny - Reply

    I gave up on ever seeing another suikoden along time ago but seeing things like this still gives me hope.

    Played suikoden 1 at age 10 and borrowed it off my dads friend…i hated it…i got battered off 2 wild boars n chucked it on the floor….a week later i gave it another chance and found myself absolutely hooked , it was nice to see a game with such a brilliant story and powerful themes , suikoden 2 remains to this day the single greatest game i ever played ,i played it ever day for 2 years and couldnt get enough, it was an absolute masterpiece.

    when i found out the 3rd wasnt gettin released in england, i bought a yank ps2 , a transformer and an NTSC compatible tv ..cost me 500 quid for it all and i dont regret it still to this day , it was brilliant.

    I recently got time off work and felt like having a chill and reliving my youth , im near the end of suikoden 2 as we speak and still love the game as much now as i did then , the raw emotion put into the game shines through.

    While i am doubtful of it ever happening i hope the series returns to the main world and gets the send off it deserves , preferably finished by Yoshitaka Murayama…it was his baby after all Late Happy suikoden day everyone

  63. fadli - Reply

    happy suikoden day,, right now i am playing suikoden 5 for the third times..i really love suikoden, we ALL love suikoden,hope that konami will continue the series..thank you for giving us so much experiences and happiness in suikoden worlds..

  64. jerzey - Reply

    u know that suikoden is BETTER THAN ALL RPG GAME OF THE WORLD, and this is my super duper favorite game all the times, please bring back suikoden to us with all character from suikoden – tierkreiss and i pray may KONAMI has became number 1 the greatest RPG Maker Of The World

    Long Live SUIKODEN

  65. Niklas - Reply


    Since it’s been some years since I saw the last Suikoden game, I decided to search for any new games on internet, that’s how I got here… A bit too late to celebrate that Suikoden day, but a happy Suikoden day to you all for today anyway. I really hope that the Company, Konami, can create another game in the series since I’m really looking forward to it. I myself am also one of those that grew up with the Suikoden games, and I felt they were really groundbreaking at the time they were first released. (I mean, important characters actually dies in them, and a city can be burned down! That’s really nice things in a good RPG, making the games more unpredictable and adding a edge to the storyline.)

    I first came in contact with the first Suikoden game one day when I entered a store that among other things sold games. I had never heard about the game before, but I picked it up and looked at it. I almost put it back, but then I read that one could get 108 characters in it. That seemed more or less impossible to me, I mean, no game could contain THAT many playable characters, could it? I Believe the price for the game was fairly good also, so I decided to buy it. On the way home I sat in the back of the car, really doubting that I had made a good purchase. When I began to play the game, however, I came to realise what a diamond it was… One of the greatest games ever.

    I don’t regret that I picked that game up one bit. The Suikoden games are still on my top five list of RPG gaming series ever. (I have hundreds of games and I have played games my whole life, and I mainly play RPG’s, so that’s a really good rating coming from me.)

    When the second game, Suikoden II, arrived I was thrilled to get it. And in my opinion it was even greater than it’s predecessor. When the third game came, however, I was greatly dissapointed, since I live in Sweden and the game wasn’t released for Europe. I believe that it would be possibly to import it from USA, but that would also require me to buy a new console, just to play that single game… There are still times when I wonder wheter I should have done it, but the price to get a new console aswell was just too great. When the fourth game came, I once more got excited, but I read one review too much about it and how bad it was according to the ones writing the reviews, and I just didn’t buy it… Maybe I still will one day. I didn’t know about the fifth game when it came, but my brothers saw it and, knowing that I loved the first two, they bought it to me as a present. I believe it was for my birthday, but maybe it was for christmas, I’m not sure. However, I totally loved Suikoden V when I got it and it’s the best one of the three I’ve played, with all it’s twists and the story constantly changing… Just coming to this site is making me feel that I need to replay it soon.

    In short, I just want to thank you for the games you developed in the Suikoden series, aswell as mention that I would love to see a sixth game arriving. Alternatively it would also be great to get the option to buy a copy of Suikoden III.

    I wish you all the best.

  66. Jimmy - Reply

    Heylo, everybody!
    And greatings from Sweden!

    I just have to say that i love the Suikoden series (on playstation) i have played them all, and must say that they are by far my favorit rpg:s.

    I’m hopping that you will relese all the games in a hd-version, greatest hit-thingy. And a Suikoden 6 on playstation 4 would be a dream come tru! But if you do, please dont modernize it and make it “just Another” hack and slach game. What have made Suikoden so great is the turnd-based battles, the mini-games, collecting 108 stars, the lenght of the game (so much to do), buillding a castle, And above all the story!
    So please Konami give us a Suikoden 6, just as great as the others, dont change anything.

    A miljon thanks Konami for all you’r great work With a wonderful and inspiring Serie. Suikoden!!!

    Best regards .. .

  67. Inzy Ali - Reply

    Yo Konami! I LOVE THE SUIKODEN SERIES! The series is in 1st place along with the FF series in my personal list! (I couldn’t choose between the two lol). Please release Suikoden 1-5 on Eu PSN :) Its something i’ve been waiting for for soooo long! Looking forward to seeing any future news on suikoden. Thanks guys you rock!

  68. Francis - Reply


    This Suikoden Series is the only RPG worth playing aside from the Final Fantasy series. I have never enjoyed another game as much as I’ve enjoyed the suikoden series..By the way, I’m 29 years old and I’m a lawyer here in the Philippines. It will only be a matter of time till I’ll have my family of my own..but I will definitely postpone such plans if you release more suikoden games. This series is special to me and helped me when I was a teenager.. Moreover, when I had academic problems during the year 2010, suikoden 5 removed me from my depressing state.. (Its so nice to be the prince because as early in the game you are already mandated to be respected).. There has to be more compelling stories to revive this series.. One more suikoden game before I start another chapter of my life.

  69. Joseph - Reply

    There’s so many things left to explore in the suikoden world, it can’t just stop,
    please Konami, revive the serie ! we’re counting on it ! waiting for suikoden VI !

  70. Fred - Reply

    IT would be a good xmas gift suprise for the fans if ?Suikoden 6 will get annouced :D I’ve been sooo good this whole year dont we deserve some good news?


  71. Meowmeow - Reply

    When I played suikoden 2, I thought it was gonna kick final fantasy series ass, but then again they stopped the series. ;c Please make a remastered version of I & II ! that would be awesome, or suikoden VI! anything, I just want suikoden to be back!

  72. Jefferson Belmont - Reply

    I’m looking foward to play a new suikoden game, I’ve loved this series for a long time, I wanna go to Harmonia, please bring suikoden back ;)

  73. Antoine - Reply

    This is amazing. As I expected from KONAMI!

    I’m one of many who are very happy that there’s humble “give & take” Communication between customer and producer.
    I sense there’s a response-ability between the two parters. We know Money is a factor in this. Still I’m glad there’s a Connection nevertheless.

    I’ve been a KONAMI fan since first Castlevania for Nintendo. I’ve followed HIDEO KOJIMAS Snatcher, Policenauts and Metal Gear Series, other as Gradius, TMNT, Contra and Silent Hill.
    My favorite titles would be Hideos Collection, Castlevania and Suikoden.

    The Major titles shows the true image and spirit of this Company as of its people.
    Thank you Konami, I as many others are lucky (in this generation) to got the honour to follow your race and be a part of your spreading love.

    Keep up the hard work!
    We fans are behind you so you won’t fall back!

  74. Joe Santoro - Reply

    I love the Suikoden series and have enjoyed playing it throughout the years, and will enjoy it for many years to come. It would be nice to one day see a 6th installment in this epic series (Says a prayer to the mighty lords of Suikoden). This series is a work of art, style and story. To thee fine creators I say: Bravo! Job well done!

  75. Abdel - Reply

    I’m from Canada. It’s 2014..I stumbled upon this page after researching for hours about the whereabouts of a certain konami ex employee. I started of researching about a possible suikoden release, didn’t find any..Sumbled upon SRM.

    It’s been over 13 years since I first played suikoden II and this series is still in my mind.

    Happy New year Konami….I hope you guys give Suikoden a second a chance.

  76. yuko - Reply

    I’m from Indonesia, I’m looking for Suikoden but when new suikoden realese, I hope english subtitle, because I can’t read that.
    we are fan’s Suikoden in Indonesia waiting your news for us.

  77. M. Rizky Ramanda - Reply

    I’m from Indonesia. this year become my 13th year about waiting game suikoden 6. Millions of people out there who hopes like me. We love suikoden. And There is no game who is better than Suikoden, Never! We love story in suikoden, very love it! Please, please, please Konami.. Release game Suikoden Series again. We hope to you!
    And Happy Suikoden Days Konami. I’m representatives from Indonesia. Thank You Konami! We Love You!

  78. ChrisN - Reply

    I had to get my hands on a NTSC PS2 just so I could get my hands on Suikoden 3. I understand the reasoning but to forsake english speaking territories considering it had been translated already was shambolic.

    I highly encourage that 1 and 2 grace the PSN,

  79. Ferdy - Reply




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